Artful Journeys* is an annual arts education program, designed to teach new skills, widen horizons, and allow participants to experience art and culture of a region from an artist’s point of view. Our programs have recently expanded to include: art and cooking workshops and music and cultural tours throughout Europe and also workshops on Cape Cod.

Teachers and artists are joined by a common thread: passion for their life and work, whether it

be painting, music, sculpture, cooking, photography or wine. Cultural tour sizes are usually small, as are the workshops, to provide a focused and intimate environment.

*Formally known as “Tuscany: A Journey for the Senses”, our programs were originally based in the Val d’Orcia of southern Tuscany.


The Crown Imperial Tour

Join us, on our third CCSO Passport Trip, for a cultural odyssey to the United Kingdom, where art, architecture, and of course music will be our focus.

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The Arts of the Val d'Orcia

Experience the artistic wealth of the Val d'Orcia region: fine arts, architecture, geothermal spas, linen, pottery, museums, and hopefully a chamber music concert or two!

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The Pleasures of Emilia Romagna

Explore the cuisine and culture of Northern Italy with food designer and writer, John Carafoli, and John Murelle, baritone and voice teacher.

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Buona Bologna with Paola Bianco

Join Paola Bianco, an architect and passionate foodie, in Bologna and discover the city's finest restaurants, markets, architecture, and regional artisan makers of wine, vinegar, and gelato.

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United Kingdom

Val d'Orcia

Emilia Romagna


April 13-21, 2015

May 27- June 3, 2015

October 11-20, 2015

October 20-27, 2015

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Silk Road Cultural Series

This season's companion trip to the Cape Symphony's Passport Concert "The Silk Road and Beyond." Includes 4 local trips to places where you can experience Asian culture and history close to home.

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Details Coming Soon!

Details Coming Soon!

Details Coming Soon!

Silk Road Cultural Series

Begins November 3, 2015

A Brush with Tuscany #2

Photography in the Dolomites

St. Petersburg & Stockholm

Join us for all 4 trips or choose just 1 or 2.

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A Very Special Music Trip

Take a peek at our blog: for an inside look at past Journey offerings.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to organize a custom group trip with a specific art or cultural focus.




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