2015 TRIPS


Buona Bologna

October 20-27, 2015

Palazzo Trevi Charming Hotel

Trip Description:

Did you know that Bologna is known as the epicenter of Italian cuisine? Why is the best pasta sauce called "bolognese"? The fresh veggies, tasty salumis, formaggio parmigiano, finely aged balsamic vinegar and crispy Lambruscos all stem from the region of Emilia Romagna, of which Bologna is the capital.


At the heart of this wonderful town is food. And that is what Paola Bianco aims to show you through walks through the markets, cooking classes, visits to regional artisan makers of wine, vinegar, and gelato; all of which will be integrated at meals in some of Bologna's best restaurants.


Since she is an architect by trade, but also a passionate foodie, Paola will also guide us on an architectural tour of the city. I will indulge us in a day completely unrelated to food (except for lunch and maybe an afternoon coffee or gelato), and a day in Ravenna to view that city's superb mosaics.


The Pleasures of Emilia Romagna

October 11-20, 2015

Trip Description:

Trip Description:

Our food trip last fall to Umbria was so successful that we have decided to try to surpass ourselves with a new trip to the food capital of Italy, Emilia Romagna. Food designer and writer John Carafoli will give cooking lessons, lead us to and through markets, and will talk about specialty foods of the area, while John Murelle, baritone and voice teacher, will introduce us to the operatic legends of the area and talk to us about the music we will hear during several performances.

Interior of Teatro Regio di Parma


The Arts of the Val d'Orcia

May 27 - June 3, 2015

Trip Description:

I am so happy to be able to present this trip to you. The Val d'Orcia is my Italian home. Our hosts will be Giuseppe and Paola Giordano of La Montalla Azienda Agricola in the tiny town of Contignano. We can't see or do it all in one week, but you will get a very good idea of the people and artistic wealth of the region in our one week journey.

La Foce


The Crown Imperial Tour

April 13-21, 2015

Trip Description:

This trip is limited to 20 music lovers, and will be accompanied by 3 co-hosts. Travel on a cultural odyssey to the United Kingdom, where art, architecture, and of course music will be our focus. We hope you will come along and join our group on this, the third, CCSO Passport Trip.

St. Paul's Cathedral 

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