2020 TRIPS





An Art Lover's Tour to Florence

March 22-March 29, 2020

Trip Description:

This is your chance to visit beautiful historic cities and monuments on your journey to experiencing the awe-inspiring art of Italy.

Trip Status: CLOSED

The Grand Canal in Venice


Plein Air in Italia

May 22-29, 2020

Trip Description:

Travel with painter Eli Cedrone on a journey to Italy, where she will guide you in producing gorgeous paintings of your own. Your home for the length of the trip will be Chianti, and you will walk away with beautiful works of art.

Trip Status: CLOSED

Chianti, Italy


Exploring Leipzig with Bach

June 9-22, 2020

Trip Description:

Save the date for the wonderful Bach Festival in Leipzig, Germany. This trip is sure to be filled with great music, art, and German culture!

Trip Status: CLOSED

Saint Thomas Church in Leipzig, Germany

The Language of Light: Photographing Ansel Adam's California


June 23–29, 2020

Trip Description:

The legacy of Ansel Adams and his influence on modern landscape photography is undeniable. His photographs of the American West are iconic. This workshop will show you how to combine the inspiration from Ansel Adams’s photographs and his story with your own creative eye to create awe-inspiring photographs. 

Bodie, California

Santa Fe Cooking Trip


September 17–23, 2020

Trip Description:

Join Chef Liza Greifinger in Santa Fe as we explore the food and cooking methods of the southwestern USA and its Mexican influence. During this hands-on experience, Liza will teach fundamental cooking skills using the best and freshest local ingredients. 

Trip Status: CLOSED

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Art, Castles, & Coastlines in Portugal


October 13-20, 2020

Trip Description:

Join Lynn Goldstein as our group concentrates on creating compelling paintings using innovative techniques, experimenting with color, and interpreting the landscape through shape and pattern. Learn how to simplify the vast natural beauty of Portugal and find the perfect subjects to paint or draw.

Cascais, Portugal


France Painting Trip

October 23-30, 2020

Trip Description:

Join Eli Cedrone on another of her popular painting trips, this time to France. You will explore the historic city of Arles as you work to produce works of art that will encapture your trip for years to come.

Arles, France

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