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Bach Festival, Leipzig

2023 TRIPS

All 2023 trips are subject to change due to COVID-19 developments and other world developments ...


Ceramics in Italy

 with Jeff Shapiro

March 20 - 31, 2023

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Trip Description:

Jeff will guide  us through his favorite haunts in Rome, Orvieto, Siena and Faenza during this 11 day trip in Italy.  We'll meet some of his colleagues, visit studios and museums of influential ceramicists of the areas, and also partake of some great Italian cuisine.

Trip Status: OPEN


Art in Paris
with Sevan Melikyan

April 11 - 21, 2023

Trip Description:

Sevan will lead another of his humorous, but incredibly enriching art history trips.  This time we'll visit Paris, where Sevan spent his growing up years and developed his love for the masters.  He will share them with us.

Trip Status:  OPEN

I took this picture when I traveled to Paris..jpg

The 2023 Bach Festival Leipzig
 with Joe Marchio

Mid-June 2023
Trip Description

Join Joe Marchio for the Bach Festival in Leipzig, Germany.  The festival is a 10-day extravaganza of music by this great Baroque composer.  Every day we will be greeted with the creations of Bach, in situ, where this musical giant composed, conducted, played the organ and raised his family.  There will be some free time to explore the town on your own and rest your saturated senses.

Trip Status:  OPEN

More Information is on its way.

The Tall Ships in Norway
with Trond Langvik

May 27–June 4, 2021

mid July 2023

Tall ship regatta. Series of ships and yachts.jpg

Trip Description:

My cousin Trond wrote me a while ago that the tall ships would be in his hometown of Fredrikstad, Norway in July, and that I should think about doing a trip there.  I didn't have to ponder long - not after the wonderful time we had in Norway in 2018.  This might not be the typical cultural trip that Artful Journeys presents, but it certainly covers the culture of Norway:  sea and fish.  I don't have the details yet, but they will be forthcoming by the end of July.

Trip Status: OPEN

More Information to come.

with Sevan Melikyan


September 2023

Sunrise in Bosphorus

Trip Description:

Sevan leads us through his birthplace of Istanbul, accompanied by his sister Sheyda.   This is the frontier world for me, although it contains some the world's most precious Greek and Muslim art.   Dates are not yet certain

Trip Status:   OPEN

More Information coming.

May 27–June 4, 2021


Music & Architecture in Northern Italy
with Joe Marchio

October 2023

Trip Description:

Join Joe Marchio on a musical and architectural tour through the Veneto in Northern Italy, starting in Venice and then wend our way to Milan.  We'll stop at Cremona to hear the Strads, make a stop or two to see Palladian homes and then mosey to the world's fashion capital, where we probably won't buy clothes, but will buy tickets to the opera at La Scala.  We'll also have a lovely evening with Fernanda Giulini and her piano collection.

Trip Status: OPEN

Piazza San Marco Venice
More information coming.
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