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Art Supplies and Travel Tips
Supply List for Pastel users ​
  • Travel Easel

  • Sketchbook

    • 5x7 inches

  • Pencils

    • 2B, 4H, and a white charcoal pencil

  • Paper

    • UArt paper, 400 grit

  • Art Board

    • A Cardboard portfolio, foam core board, or drawing board to transport work and to use as a rigid surface on which to tape work.

  • Pastels

    • NuPastel, Faber Castell, or Cretacolor pastels. The price will vary depending on the size of the set. Buy as many colors as you can afford; unlike wet mediums, you do not mix colors with pastels. It is therefore imperative that you have enough colors and values (darks and lights) to make successful pastel paintings. For beginners, I recommend the 96 color box of Prismacolor NuPastels.

  • Kneaded Eraser

  • Oil Painting Brush

    • One inch wide flat oil painting brush​

  • Artist's Tape

    • I recommend 1 inch or larger black artist's tape.

  • Wax, Freezer, or Glassine Paper, to cover your work for transport and protection​​

  • Baby Wipes


  • ​Acrylics are welcome

Photo of me teaching.JPG

One of Lynn's classes

Traveling by Air With Oil Paints

When you are traveling by air it is a good idea to pack a Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) provided by your paint manufacturer along with your paints. Select "Search" from their menu and enter the term "Materials Safety Data Sheet" into the search box—it will give you a link to a pdf you can download and print. (Print it out and keep it with your paints in your luggage)

Supply List for Water-mixable Oil users ​
  • Travel Easel

  • Sketchbook

    • 5x7 inches

  • Pencils

    • 2B, 4H, and a white charcoal pencil

  • Cobra Water-mixable Oil Paints unless noted:

    • Primary Magenta* 

    • Cadmium Red Light* 

    • Cadmium Yellow Medium* 

    • Cadmium Yellow Lemon* 

    • Sap Green (not necessary, but if you would like to purchase)

    • Primary Cyan Blue* 

    • Ultramarine Blue (Daniel Smith)* 

    • Prussian Blue (not necessary, but a nice dark warmer blue)

    • Titanium White (large tube)* 


*These are your absolute must-have colors. What is represented here is a primary color palette, and this will keep your costs down. 


A word about water mixable oil paints: I love them. My favorite brand is Cobra by Royal Talens. I can't find Ultramarine Blue that is the color that I prefer in this brand, so I buy from other manufacturers such as Daniel Smith, Duo Aqua Oil by Holbein, or Windsor/Newton water-mixable oils. 


  • 9x12 or smaller painting panels:

    • You will need one per day ( I recommend 9x12, 11x14 or 16x20 inch stretched canvas on stretcher bars)

  • Brushes:

    • A variety of sizes. I like flats and brights, but use what you enjoy.  (IMPORTANT- When using water-mixable oils, you will be best served using synthetic brushes because hog bristle brushes will not handle being soaked in water.)

  • Other items (not optional unless indicated):

    • Palette knife (You may use painting knives, but for mixing, you will need a palette knife.)

    • Plastic water containers (two)

    • Palette (you may use paper palettes)

    • Water mixable oil painting medium (this is optional) 

    • Water mixable oil painting quick-dry medium (please buy Cobra Brand only) 

    • Q-Tips

    • A jar that can tightly close

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