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Art in Venice
An Armchair Journey

              A Series of 5 Lectures by Sevan Melikyan
Mondays at 10:30 am EST

August 26 - September 23, 2024

Registration Status: OPEN

Series Cost:   $20 per lecture or $75 for 5 

Sevan's popular armchair series returns, whisking you away to Venice for a virtual tour before our October 2024 trip.  Explore the renowned churches and museums of Venice from the comfort of your home, avoiding crowds and the threat of acqua alta.  This aesthetically pleasing and informative art tour promises a delightful journey through Venice's artistic treasures.



Monday, August 26, 2024

Lecture 1: From Lagoon to Legacy: Venice and St. Mark's Basilica

Embark on a captivating journey through Venice's origins to its zenith around 1500. Explore the city's unique birth as a lagoon empire and its rise to power, with St. Mark's Basilica as our guiding star. This iconic structure, one of Venice's oldest and most magnificent, serves as a lens to understand Venetian artistry, ambition, and cultural evolution. Discover how the basilica's history intertwines with the city's own, reflecting Venice's transformation into La Serenissima. This lecture unveils the historical backdrop that shaped the city's early artistic achievements, setting the stage for Venice's golden age to come.

Lecture 01 - St Mark's Basilica.jpg

St. Mark's Basilica

Monday, September 2, 2024

Lecture 2: Masters of Light and Color: The Birth of the Venetian School

Description: Immerse yourself in the brilliance of the Venetian Renaissance as we explore the emergence and flourishing of the Venetian school of painting from the late 1400s to the mid-1500s. Delve into the world of the pioneering Bellini family, the enigmatic Giorgione, and the titanic Titian. Discover how these artists refined and elevated the use of light and color, creating works that profoundly influenced generations to come. Through an examination of iconic pieces found in major Venetian museums and churches - including the Gallerie dell'Accademia and the Church of San Zaccaria - witness the development of a unique artistic style that defines the Venetian Renaissance. This lecture will provide insights that enrich your upcoming exploration of Venice's art treasures, allowing you to appreciate firsthand the lasting impact of these masters on the art world as you encounter their works in situ.

Monday, September 9, 2024

Lecture 3: Brushstrokes of Grandeur: From Tintoretto to Canaletto

Description: Continue our journey through the rich tapestry of Venetian art as it evolves from the mid-1500s to the mid-1700s. Witness the maturation of the Venetian School through the works of four masters: the dramatic canvases of Tintoretto, the opulent compositions of Veronese, the masterful storytelling of Tiepolo, and the breathtaking vedute of Canaletto. Explore how these artists pushed the boundaries of technique and perspective, capturing the essence of Venetian life and grandeur in their distinctive styles.

Monday, September 16, 2024

Lecture 4: Power and Artistry: The Doge's Palace and Venetian Society

Description: Step inside the magnificent Doge's Palace, a testament to Venetian power, prestige, and artistic brilliance. This lecture uses this architectural marvel as a key to unlock the political and social structures that defined the Venetian Republic. Explore the palace's stunning artworks and opulent chambers while uncovering the intricacies of Venetian governance and society. Trace the rise and fall of the 1100-year-old republic, from its golden age to its decline, and the turbulent times that followed until Italy's unification. By examining the palace's role throughout Venetian history, gain a deeper understanding of the city's journey to the present day.

*This schedule is subject to change.

This lecture series is in conjunction with our Venice trip, which is scheduled for October  6-15, 2024.    You can find more information about the actual trip here.  You need not join the trip to attend the lecture series.  Sorry, the real trip is full; there is a waiting list only.

Monday, September 23, 2024

Lecture 5: Modern Muses: Peggy Guggenheim and Venice's Contemporary Art Scene

Description: Journey into the vibrant world of contemporary Venice through the lens of Peggy Guggenheim's pioneering spirit and her remarkable collection. Explore the life and influence of this key figure in modern art, her relationships with prominent artists, and the exceptional works she amassed. We’ll conclude with a preview of the cutting-edge Venice Biennale, a prestigious event that cements the city's ongoing role in the global art world.

Lecture 02 - Giovanni Bellini - San Zaccaria Altarpiece (San Zaccaria Church).jpg

Giovanni Bellini - San Zaccaria Altarpiece (San Zaccaria Church

Lecture 03 - Canaletto - The Grand Canal Toward Rialto (Ca' Rezzonico).jpg

Canaletto - The Grand Canal Toward Rialto (Ca' Rezzonico)

Lecture 04 - Ducal Palace.jpg

Ducal Palace

Lecture 05 - Peggy Guggenheim in Her Palazzo.jpg

Peggy Guggenheim in her Palazzo


sevan melikyan (photo by colin jorgensen
Sevan Melikyan
Instructor & Tour Guide

Sevan Melikyan is the owner of Wired Gallery in High Falls, NY, a noted art gallery established in 2012 with the purpose of showing exclusively works by Mid-Hudson Valley artists. As an independent lecturer on art history his repertoire includes lectures on art museums found in Europe and the US. Sevan is also an artist ( with a body of work inspired by his favorite museum masterworks. Prior to the U.S., he lived in Paris, France, where he earned a BA on marketing, and in Istanbul, Turkey, where he was born of Armenian parents.

Joan Hill
Owner, Host, & Director

In 2008, the seed of Artful Journeys was planted in her brain, when Joan brought together all of her life's passions, her love of music, an affinity for the beautiful things in life with an ability to organize events to give birth to Artful Journeys, a program of art education trips for the soul and mind.


Joan was born and raised in the apple country of the Hudson River Valley in New York; her father was a gentle, very tolerant, educated land surveyor, and her mother was the efficient business administrator and home engineer. The youngest of four children, Joan was encouraged to pursue anything she wanted, but also to do her best. Sometimes that was very difficult, especially succeeding three very accomplished siblings.


  • Each session will cost $20 or $75 for all 5 lectures

  • PayPal is preferred; however, we do take checks   

  • A Zoom link will be provided by email within 24 hours of each meeting.

To register for a session or the series, please click below:

A Zoom link will be provided by email within 24 hours of each meeting.

For details or questions, please click here to contact Joan Hill.
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