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with Vilma Noga

Fridays, at 11:00 am EDT 
September 9 - October 28, 2022
Registration Status: OPEN
Class size limited to 8 students

Series Cost: $150 for series of 8

BASIC ITALIAN - This is Vilma's modus operandi:


Our classes will start immediately with dialogues, because this is the first thing we do, either if we speak in our language or in a foreign one.  In that way you will be absorbed in the Italian culture and mentality.

Grammar and homework will be part of our classes, but not the most important part, as Vilma really wants to push you to be more confident with the language and make you speak as fast as possible.

Together we will discover how to make mistakes, as Italians make a lot of them too and will laugh about them.

We will find out that there are about 30 expressions to order a coffee in Italian and make the barman crazy, but at the same time we will learn that in Italy you have to go to a “bar” to order one, which might put you in confusion as in English the same word doesn’t mean the same thing.

We might start talking about “Frittata “ and realize that was one of the Leonardo da Vinci’s favorite dishes or that Caterina dei Medici taught the same dish to French people, after she married  Enrico II and became the Queen of France in XVI century.

There is only one way to know what else will going on in our classes:

“Venite a scoprirlo!”


Join the Basic Italian class and you will learn a lot while having a lot of fun.

Cavazzone Belvedere al tramonto.jpg

Vilma will teach  this Basic Italian  5 course in an 8-week series, starting Friday, September 9 at 11:00 EDT.    We will continue through October 28.

Expect to hear loads of mistakes and laughs.    And expect to hear a lot about food;  Vilma loves to cook!  The only requirement to participate in these classes is your willingness to learn Italian and make plenty of mistakes in the process.

Each class will last approximately 1 hour. There will be a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 students in the class so that everyone has a chance to practice speaking and understand the spoken word. The cost for the 8-week series is $150. 

Andiamo! Join us starting September 9 and continuing through October 28 of 2022.   Join Vilma for some real fun. 


Keep plugging along.  People with some rudimentary Italian are welcome.



Vilma Noga

My name is Vilma, and I live near Florence, Italy. I have a bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages, Literature, and Intercultural Studies from the University of Florence. I speak fluent Italian, English, German, French, and Albanian, and I teach the Italian language.

I worked for many years as the Reception Manager in a hotel near Florence. While working with tourists from all over the world, I improved my own language skills. My day-to-day interactions with the hotel guests allowed me to better understand the difficulties that foreign speakers face while learning a new language. 

I personalize my lessons according to the student's needs. I stress the importance of the spoken language, and we interact with one another in a friendly conversation–laughter included! I encourage everyone to speak immediately, from beginners to those with an advanced level of Italian. I believe that speaking another language is an enriching experience for everyone. Two years ago, I created my Italian online classes, which have been very successful. After much positive feedback from my students, I have also expanded my practice to include Italian language and culture group workshops and cooking classes. I also lead small group tours around Florence to teach about our magnificent art and architecture.

I truly enjoy teaching, and look forward to working with you!

Joan Hill
Owner, Host, & Director

In 2008, the seed of Artful Journeys was planted in her brain, when Joan brought together all of her life's passions, her love of music, an affinity for the beautiful things in life, and an ability to organize events to give birth to Artful Journeys, a program of art education trips for the soul.

Joan was born and raised in the apple country of the Hudson River Valley in New York; her father was a gentle, very tolerant, educated land surveyor, and her mother was the efficient business administrator and home engineer. The youngest of four children, Joan was encouraged to pursue anything she wanted, but also to do her best. Sometimes that was very difficult, especially succeeding three very accomplished siblings.


  • $150 for the series of 8 online classes

  • PayPal is preferred; however, we do take checks   

  • A Zoom link will be provided by email within 24 hours of each meeting

To register for a session or the series, please click below:

A Zoom link will be provided by email within 24 hours of each meeting.

Please note that PayPal remittances must go through the form on this website.  Thank you.

For details or questions, please click here to contact Joan Hill.
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