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We Celebrate Christmas

from Europe

Perhaps it is not quite politically correct for Artful Journeys to celebrate just Christmas, but I ask for your indulgence.  This is indeed to be almost a real trip, where we get a real peek into Christmas in 2 or 3 countries in Europe. 


On December 6,  at 10:30 am eastern, we will be just outside of Florence, with Vilma Noga (our Italian teacher and also a fine cook).  She will make with us some traditional Italian Christmas  appetizers and desserts, fegatini and cantucci.    She'll send the recipes and ingredients ahead of the zoom, so you can be prepared and create these delicacies with her, if you wish.  Our time with Vilma will be approximately 2 hours.



And on December 9,  at noon eastern, my cousins Trond and Hege Langvik from Fredrikstad, Norway, will show a film of the creation of the model of their town with pepperkaker or gingerbread.    This year, because of covid, public Christmas celebrations in Norway are only taking place outside.  The photo to the left was taken from last year's contest.  Our time with Trond and Hege will be about 1 hour.


Fredrikstad flowers - summertime !

Fred model_edited.jpg

"How long does it take to build the model?  

I read in the local newspaper that the registration for the participation is tomorrow (15.11) - so the time frame is 15 - 27 = 12 days 


Who builds it?  

Kids, kindergarten, schoolclasses, individuals, different kind of groups ...  it's a competition (money to 3 best build)


How much ginger bread?    

Don't know ;-)"

We'll find out the definite answers on December 9!!

My cousin, Trond Langvik

This is my holiday gift to you.

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