Formally known as “Tuscany: A Journey for the Senses”, our programs were originally based in the Val d’Orcia of southern Tuscany.


Artful Journeys' programs have recently expanded to include art and cooking workshops, music and cultural tours throughout Europe, and more domestic cultural trips.



Joan Hill
Owner & Director

Having dipped her toes in diverse careers, including leatherwork, medical research, and small business administration, you could say that Joan is a multitalented woman. Growing up in a family with supportive parents and three accomplished older siblings in the Hudson River Valley, New York, meant that Joan had a lot to live up to. However, she was always encouraged to do her best in whichever path(s) she chose.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in German literature and afterward working in Hamburg, Germany for one year, Joan realized her great joy of traveling. Bringing together Joan’s life passions, including her lifelong love for music, her appreciation of art, and her fondness of Italy, she began Artful Journeys in 2009, when it was then known by the rather wordy moniker of Tuscany: A Journey For The Senses. Joan also has owned a bookkeeping business for architects and various small professional firms in New England since 1993, in which she is still active.

Carla Bohnett

Carla is a world traveler with a passion for art. Always toting a camera, Carla is a professional portrait, business, and travel photographer. She loves to share her passion for culture and art through her photography and is always more than happy share tips and tricks to capturing the perfect shot. She is very excited to be Co-Director for Artful Journeys and is already starting to plan future Journeys. Carla owns her own portraiture business and is also the President of the Women's Networking Alliance

Amanda Nicacio 
Administrative Assistant

Amanda has recently joined the office staff at Artful Journeys, and she is organizing our information systems here. Amanda has many talents which she puts to use as a sales rep, host, and social media manager in various volunteer positions on Cape Cod. She is also a great babysitter! We look forward to putting her talent to good use and modernizing Artful Journeys.



Eli Cedrone

"I've always been influenced by the power of images to express ideas and emotions. Painting is a process of discovery and decision making where disparate elements pull together until the image is clearly expressed."

Eli Cedrone has spent her lifetime creating. A graduate of the School of Art & Design in Boston, she studied art in Italy and at the School of the MFA, Boston. Her professional career began as an art director at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, Bermuda, followed by work as an illustrator and mixed-media artist in Laguna Beach, CA. Her work has been exhibited nationwide and she is a popular workshop instructor in the Alla Prima method. Contemporary Realism would best describe her style. Two powerful influences have been the Spanish impressionist, Joaquin Sorolla and Richard Diebenkorn. Others include Nicolai Fechin, Anders Zorn, John Singer Sargent.

Lynn Goldstein

Northern Virginia artist Lynn Goldstein has been making art professionally for twenty-five years. At first employed as a graphic designer and illustrator before following her passion for painting, Lynn’s work in pastel and other mixed-media has brought her national/international acclaim, particularly for her colorful expressive landscapes. Her work has been exhibited at the National Arts Club in New York City, Koehnline Museum of Art in Des Plaines, Ill, Eleven Pleasant Street Gallery in Kennebunk, ME, and at the Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts in Chicago, IL, among other locations. Additionally, her work was profiled in the August 2009 issue of Pastel Journal. 

Liza Griefinger

Growing up in New York, surrounded by the flavors of the world, Liza developed a love for food and cooking. After fulfilling a career in outdoor education, she decided to explore her passion for food. Liza studied at The French Culinary Institute and then trained with some of the top chefs in New York City before being drawn to the mountains of Colorado. She joined the team at Food Lab, in Boulder, in the spring of 2016. There she teaches cooking skills and technique to all ages as well as curriculum development for the educational programs.

Jon Manasse
Clarinetist & Instructor​

Among the most distinguished classical artists of his generation, clarinetist Jon Manasse is internationally recognized for his inspiring artistry, uniquely glorious sound and charismatic performing style.

Recent season highlights include return performances with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra and debuts with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Erie Philharmonic, The Chappaqua Orchestra, Montana’s Missoula Symphony Orchestra and Oregon’s Rogue Valley Symphony. With pianist Jon Nakamatsu, he continues to tour throughout the United States as half of the acclaimed Manasse/Nakamatsu Duo. The Duo’s activities include the world premiere performances of Paquito D’Rivera’s The Cape Cod Concerto with Symphony Silicon Valley, conducted by Leslie B. Dunner.

Jon Nakamatsu
Pianist & Instructor

American pianist Jon Nakamatsu continues to draw unanimous praise as a true aristocrat of the keyboard, whose playing combines elegance, clarity, and electrifying power. A native of California, Mr. Nakamatsu came to international attention in 1997 when he was named Gold Medalist of the Tenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, the only American to have achieved this distinction since 1981. Mr. Nakamatsu has performed widely in North and South America, Europe, and the Far East, collaborating with such conductors as James Conlon, Marek Janowski, Raymond Leppard, Stanislaw Skrowaczewski, Osmo Vänskä and Hans Vonk. He also performed at a White House concert hosted by President and Mrs. Clinton.

Mr. Nakamatsu studied privately with Marina Derryberry and has worked with Karl Ulrich Schnabel, son of the great pianist Artur Schnabel. He is a graduate of Stanford University with a bachelor's degree in German Studies and a master's degree in Education.



Many thanks to all who have helped me make this program a success!

  • To Larry Hill and my family for their support and enthusiasm.

  • To Gail Turner, whose pots sparked the concept. (Visit Gail's website: www.millstonepottery.com)

  • To Jeff PetersonRobert Linn, and Keith Moskow who allow me flexibility in my other work.

  • To all our faculty for their hard work and enthusiasm.

  • To Jonny Wilkin, who mastered the first website.

  • To Carla Bohnett for her collaborative support and honest, welcoming smile.

  • To Tori Bohnett for creating this website.

  • And most of all, to Ma and Dad, for raising me to be giving and believe in myself.


Without these people, Artful Journeys would not be possible.

—Joan Hill


People often ask -

         "Why do I have to go abroad to paint, or design flowers, do yoga...?"


You don't. But if you attend one of our classes, you will actually enter a world of retreat: you will not have to cook dinner for anyone; you will not have to pick up someone else's dirty socks; you will not have to remember to pick up Harry from the soccer game and then go to the dentist and then go home and clean. No, you will be creating the art you love: you will have time to relax; you will be in the company of like-minded individuals; you will have wonderful food and wine served to you every day; you will see one of the most beautiful parts of the world and have a taste of the wonderful local culture. You will stay in lovely hotels. Spas, thermal baths, very old, very photogenic towns, incredible landscapes, sculpture parks and historical places will be at your disposal.

I discovered Artful Journeys after years of solo travel and several group tours with companies such as Odysseys Unlimited and Smithsonian Journeys.  After my first trip with Artful Journeys, I knew I had discovered my perfect travel companion!


How to describe my appreciation for trips with this excellent organization?

  • Truly a unique approach to travel.

  • A small group experience that affords substantial time in one location, unlike most other travel companies. 

  • Trips with an educational focus. Carefully crafted itineraries designed around a specific musical or artistic theme or event and guided by expert instructors in the field.

  • A relaxed, unhurried atmosphere with ample time for group discussion, individual exploration, leisure time, and the opportunity to go beyond the “here today and on the road tomorrow” nature of trips offered by larger travel providers.

  • A no-worry itinerary with concert tickets, museum passes, lodging, in-country transport, and many meals included. Everything carefully designed to provide the most memorable kind of travel experience and the opportunity for a traveler to be immersed in the sights, sounds, food, and daily living of another culture.

  • The presence of Artful Journeys Director Joan Hill whose personal passion and creativity is reflected in the quality of the programs she develops, each of which is original as well as enlightening, enriching, and fun!


All meals were excellent. Apparent that much thought and selection were put into the planning. Especially liked the convenience of having meals included in the trip package. This negated the need to pay individually and to try and figure out individual meal/drinks cost and gratuities.


Schedule was well planned with tours and activities. Also with adequate downtime for rest and recuperation. Points of interest were well covered and having local resident (Paula Bianco) as our guide was a BIG PLUS. She is a gem! We immediately felt a kinship with her and look forward to revisiting with her or better still, hosting Paula and Alberto on their trip to the United States.


Excellent value! The trip was completely enjoyable. The 8 member group was the right size to get to know our fellow travelers and it was fun and a memorable experience. Came away feeling that it was a great experience and would do it again happily. Joan Hill was a valuable resource. She was on top of our daily activities and timetable with humor and compatibility. Never lost her cool! I think the best evaluator of a trip like this is the reassurance that we were in good hands at all times. Our flight was delayed 2 hours in Chicago and 6 hours in Heathrow. Joan arranged for a driver to meet us at Bologna Airport and he delivered us to Palazzo Trevi. I don't think this could be said of a large packaged tour operator. Thank you, Joan.


Magnificent in all aspects... views, food, death-defying climb, where else could we have experienced that evening? That was indeed special! I can't think of what I liked least on this trip other than the careening cab ride one evening! That was scarier than the Prendiparte Tower Climb.

         —Sharon I.


Paula is a terrific guide, very knowledgeable and relaxed, lots of fun. The tours around Bologna were fun, and Ravenna and Modena were excellent side trips. Having enough time one afternoon to stop for tea was a highlight in the busy week. The wine tasting was unique and very enjoyable.


Best was the variety of places we saw and visiting the local manufacturers/artisans.

         —Peggy B


Tour and activities - first-rate. I loved the Parmesan and balsamic vinegar tours and thought the gelato tour was fun. Cooking classes: there can always be more of these for me, but I realize that once again, I’m probably an outlier in this category. Trip to Modena: surprisingly enjoyable. I would be happy to return to Modena, now that I’ve learned how to pronounce it. Mosaics: I’ve never known much about mosaics, and now appreciate much better what they are. You showed us truly stunning mosaics.


Value - I think the value for the price paid is excellent.

         —Nancy B.



Tour and Activities were truly amazing. All of the scheduled activities were worth the time, cost, and were high-quality experiences. Even the Expo. It may have taken some time to get in but it was worth the time to see it even if the lines were long. There aren’t that many opportunities to see something like that. It was unique.


The value was close to amazing. I don’t know how you did it, Joan. You really delivered an awful lot for little money considering all we did.

          —Maryann C.


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