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Armchair Journeys

Armchair Journeys

One evening while listening to the Gewandhaus Orchestra online, I realized that we could help make your days a little brighter by presenting art discussions similar to what we do on our travel journeys. And because we are all sequestered, many musicians and teachers are now out of work due to canceled concerts and events.


So to give you something to do and to help artists during this unprecedented time, Artful Journeys has assembled some of our faculty to enliven your senses and help you through the barriers of isolation. Thanks to technology such as Zoom, we are able to bring these presentations into your home. 


August  23 - October 11, 2023



Trip Description:

We've had a little vacation, but are ready to resume our conversations again.  

Vilma teaches  conversational Italian, with some grammar,  in sets of 8-week series.  We have already learned enough Italian that several of the students speak very well, even if a bit slowly.  Vilma, on the other hand, speaks molto veloce, and we understand most of her jokes.    We are now entering the fifteenth series of  Italian with Vilma.   There are still 3 requirements to participate in these classes:  1. you are willing to converse in Italian, no matter how rudimentary; 2.  you're not afraid of making mistakes; and 3.  you have a sense of humor!


Illuminating Istanbul

August 10 - September 7, 2023

How did Istanbul, one of the world’s most fascinating and storied cities, come about?  This series of 5 lectures, hosted by our in-house art expert, Sevan Melikyan, surveys the history, lore, people, art, and architecture that define a rich and complex metropolis that has been populated for over 2500 years.  

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A Musical Salon:

Great French Composers

Join Joe Marchio in exploring French composers throughout the ages including Machaut, Lully, Berioz, Ravel and Messiaen. Find out what connects them and what makes them distinct over the course of a very rewarding 9 weeks!

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Trip Status: OPEN 

October 23 - December 18, 2023

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Musical Tales:

Great Stories Behind Great Music

Our beloved Joe Marchio will embark on 12 weeks worth of some of the best stories told in music. He will uncover the stories behind musical works and take us along for the journey. 

Trip Status: OPEN

 January 8 - March 25, 2024 

Musical Tales
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A Sampling of Bach Cantatas:
With Miguel Rodé

November 30, 2023 - February 1. 2024
We will explore in depth various Bach cantatas, ones that Miguel regards as the most poignant and illustrative of Bach’s genius throughout the different periods of his career.  The discussions will include some well-known works such as BWV 4, Christ lag in Todesbanden and BWV 70, Wachet! Betet! Betet! Wachet!, and others that may be new discoveries for many of us.

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Bachfest Monthly Concerts: 

brought to you by Miguel Rodé in collaboration with Michael Maul of the Bachfest Leipzig

September 2023 - May 2024

We are very happy to be collaborating with Michael Maul of the Bachfest, Leipzig, and Miguel Rodé of The Cantata Trail.  We’ll be presenting to fellow Bachians a virtual meeting series aligned to “Bach300”, a set of monthly cantata concerts that Bachfest is offering from September through May in celebration of the 300th anniversary of Bach assuming the Cantor post in Leipzig. 

Trip Status: OPEN

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