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Painting Supplies and Travel Tips for Sergio Roffo's Italian Workshop
Supply List for Workshop ​
  • Easel

    • French Easel or a Pochard box - I carry it on the plane and put it on the overhead. If you bring a Pochard box, I would recommend also bringing a tripod.

    • Bring an Easel Umbrella if possible.

  • Brushes

    • Filbert Brushes of various sizes, #2 - #6.

    • Sable rounds of various sizes, #1 - #3.

    • Flat #1 inch if possible for blending the sky.

  • Canvas

    • Canvases, or Canvas boards. They are light. Small, 8x10, 9x12 or 11x14; no larger. I’ll be using 11x14.

  • Paints: try to buy 1.25 U.S. fl. oz. tubes

    • Permanent Yellow Deep

    • Cadmium Orange

    • Cadmium Red

    • Raw Sienna

    • Yellow Ochre

    • Burnt Sienna

    • Burnt Umber

    • Alizarin Crimson

    • Permanent Rose

    • Windsor Violet

    • French Ultramarine Blue

    • Cobalt Blue

    • Sap Green

    • Permanent Green Light

    • Cadmium Green Pale

    • Greenish Umber

    • Titanium White (buy an Alkyd white)

      • use this white when painting, it will dry your painting overnight for travel convenience.

  • Paper Towels and trash bags to clean up

  • Medium

    • Windsor & Newton Liquin original medium for mixing as you paint. This allows paint to dry quickly.

  • Sketch Material

    • Lead Pencil or charcoal sticks, and eraser.

  • View Finder: a small 8x10 or 9x12 matt board with a window cut out of it.

  • Hat and sunscreen–we will spend a lot of time outdoors!

  • We will buy Turpentine to clean brushes once we are there. We cannot fly with this liquid.


Sergio's art.png

One of Sergio's paintings

Traveling by Air With Oil Paints

I put all my paints in a plastic bag and pack them with my luggage along with any other items that are not allowed as carry-ons. I lay my canvas panels flat in my luggage. I carry a backpack onto the plane with the rest of my painting supplies.

Be mindful that most airlines have a weight limit of 50 lbs. for luggage. Painting supplies can be heavy, so check your airline's policies and weigh your packed bags before leaving for the airport.

Proving Paint Safety to the TSA

When you are traveling by air it is a good idea to pack a Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) provided by your paint manufacturer along with your paints. Select "Search" from your pain brand's website menu and enter the term "Materials Safety Data Sheet" into the search box—it will give you a link to a pdf you can download and print. Print it out and keep it with your paints in your luggage.

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