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Bachfest Monthly Concerts: 
brought to you by Miguel Rodé
in collaboration with 
Michael Maul of Bachfest Leipzig

9:00 am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern, 18:00 Central European

3rd Thursdays, September 2023 - May 2024
Registration Status: OPEN

Series Cost:   $25 per lecture or $175 for the series 
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We are very happy to be collaborating with Michael Maul of the Bachfest, Leipzig, and Miguel Rodé of The Cantata Trail.  We’ll be presenting to fellow Bachians a virtual meeting series aligned to “Bach300”, a set of monthly cantata concerts that Bachfest is offering from September through May in celebration of the 300th anniversary of Bach assuming the Cantor post in Leipzig. 

Leveraging the successful Cantata Trail model, Miguel will discuss the cantatas from each Bach300 concert, providing historical context and some musical analysis to serve us as a guide to deeper understanding and appreciation. We will end with questions and answers and further discussion. And stay tuned for some surprise guests!
Materials will be provided online:  librettos, scores, program notes and links to recommended recordings.  We’ll listen to cantata excerpts during the presentation. 
It might be wise to bring a snack with you: each session will last about 2 hours, which will give you ample information to explore further on your own or with friends.  We recommend that you have a Spotify subscription or access to YouTube on your computer to listen to the full pieces after the sessions.
Here’s a teaser:

And a photo of Koopman & orchestra at the rehearsal for the concert on YouTube.

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Below is the program schedule: 

September 21:  with Andreas Reize

        77   Du sollt Gott, deinen Herren, lieben

        25   Es ist nichts Gesundes an meinem Leibe

       138   Warumbetrübst du dich, mein Herz                        

       95   Christus,de ist mein Leben

       50   Nun ist das Heil und die Kraft


October 19: with Hans-Christoph Rademann         

      148  Bringet dem Herrn Ehre seines Namens      

       48  Ich elender Mensch, wer wird mich erlösen

      162 Ach! ich sehe, itzt, da ich zur Hochzeit gehe

      163  Nur jedem das Seine


November 16:   with Ton Koopman

       89  Was soll ich aus dir machen, Ephraim

       60  O Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort

       90  Es reißet euch ein schrecklich Ende

       70 Wachet! betet! betet! wachet!

December 21:    with Gotthold Schwarz

       61 Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland

      243 Magnificat in D major

       40 Darzu ist erschienen der Sohn Gottes

       64 Sehet, welch eine Liebe hat uns der Vater erzeiget


January 18:        with Jan Tomasz Adamus

      190 Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied

      153 Schau, lieber Gott, wie meine Feind

       65 Sie werden alle aus Saba kommen

      154 Mein liebster Jesus ist verloren

      155 Mein Gott, wie lang, ach lange


February 15:    with Hermann Max

This series is in conjunction with our Cantata Retreat in Leipzig, February 20 – 26.  

See Cantata Retreat 2024 | artfuljourney (

       73 Herr, wie du willt, so schicks mit mir

       81 Jesus schläft, was soll ich hoffen?

      144 Nimm, was dein ist, und gehe hin

       83 Erfreute Zeit im neuen Bunde 

      181 Leichtgesinnte Flattergeister


There is no March session.

April 18:  with  Andreas Reize

        66 Erfreut euch, ihr Herzen

       134 Ein Herz, das seinen Jesum lebend weiß

        67 Halt im Gedächtnis Jesum Christ 

       104 Du Hirte Israel, höre


May 16: conductor to be announced

        86   Wahrlich, wahrlich, ich sage euch

        37  Wer da gläubet und getauft wird

        44  Sie werden euch in den Bann tun

       173 Erhöhtes Fleisch und Blut 

       184 Erwünschtes Freudenlicht



Our goal is for everyone to recognize the genius of Bach, and to rejoice in the beauty of his works.


“J.S. Bach, wie wunderbar sind deine Werke.”



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Miguel Rodé

Miguel Rodé was born and raised in Montevideo, Uruguay and moved to the US in 2002 as part of his Information Technology career and currently resides in Seattle, WA. A life-long music lover, over the years Miguel developed a special fascination with the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, and in particular with his cantatas and other vocal works. During the Covid pandemic, Miguel initiated a series of virtual meetings called "The Cantata Trail" with the intent of sharing this incredibly rich musical universe with some close friends. This small community grew organically through word of mouth to its current size of about 70 members. As a musician, Miguel plays the baroque flute and is a member of several chamber ensembles in the Seattle area, for which he also enjoys transcribing and arranging music. 

Joan Hill
Owner, Host, & Director

In 2008, the seed of Artful Journeys was planted in her brain, when Joan brought together all of her life's passions, her love of music, an affinity for the beautiful things in life with an ability to organize events to give birth to Artful Journeys, a program of art education trips for the soul and mind.


Joan was born and raised in the apple country of the Hudson River Valley in New York; her father was a gentle, very tolerant, educated land surveyor, and her mother was the efficient business administrator and home engineer. The youngest of four children, Joan was encouraged to pursue anything she wanted, but also to do her best. Sometimes that was very difficult, especially succeeding three very accomplished siblings.

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  • Each session will cost $25 or $175 for the series

  • PayPal is preferred; however, we do take checks   

  • A Zoom link will be provided by email within 24 hours of each meeting.

To register for a session or the series, please click below:

A Zoom link will be provided by email within 24 hours of each meeting.

For details or questions, please click here to contact Joan Hill.
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