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A  Series of Musical Curiosities 

Fridays, at 11 am, EDT
April 9 - June 25, 2021
Registration Status: OPEN
Tour Cost: $10 per session or $100 for series of 12

Joe Marchio can’t help but put together the most interesting ideas.  Some people wondered how music and architecture affected each other;  now they know that some types of buildings were perfect for polyphony, and produced a venue for people to streamline their musical creations.   Bach wrote about the street drug of his day:  coffee.    Who would of ever thunk it?


In this new series,  Joe will answer some of your musical questions that you’ve never dared to ask about before and also ruminations that might be circling in your brain:



Ever Wonder


          April 9:     What a Fugue is…

          April 16:   What Minimalism Sounds like …

April 23:   About the difference between a Basso Profundo and a Coloratura Soprano…

April 30:   Where Ragtime came from…

May 7:      What Tone Poem is…

May 14:    How Polyphony evolved…

May 21:    Who invented the Piano…

May 28:    Where the conductor came from…

June 4:      About Leonard Bernstein…

June 11:    How Spirituals evolved…

June 18:    How the Concerto developed…

June 25:    What and Opera Buffa is…  ???


sctacher enhanced.jpg

Head Scratcher by Larry Hill


It's OK to ask questions!!!
Why don't you join Joe and explore these fascinating musical ideas and people through the lens of history, art, architecture and composition?


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Joe Marchio
Instructor & Guide

Joe Marchio is a graduate of the College of Wooster, where he earned both a Bachelor’s degree in organ performance and a Bachelor of Arts in religious studies. He earned a Master of Divinity degree at the Yale University Institute of Sacred Music, and a Master of Music degree in choral conducting at the Boston Conservatory. Joe became Music Director of the Chatham Chorale in 2010. He is also the Pastor and Director of Music of the First Congregational Church of Chatham.

Joan Hill
Owner, Host, & Director

 In 2008, the seed of Artful Journeys was planted in her brain, when Joan brought together all of her life's passions, her love of music, an affinity for the beautiful things in life, and an ability to organize events to give birth to Artful Journeys, a program of art education trips for the soul.

Joan was born and raised in the apple country of the Hudson River Valley in New York; her father was a gentle, very tolerant, educated land surveyor, and her mother was the efficient business administrator and home engineer. The youngest of four children, Joan was encouraged to pursue anything she wanted, but also to do her best. Sometimes that was very difficult, especially succeeding three very accomplished siblings.


  • Each session will cost $10 or listen to the entire series of 12 for $100.

  • PayPal is preferred; however, we do take checks   

  • You will receive an email with the Zoom link to the lecture with instructions on how to login within 24 hours of presentation

To register for a session or the series, please click below:

A Zoom link will be provided by email within 24 hours of each meeting.

For details or questions, please click here to contact Joan Hill.
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