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with Sheyda Eversley

Thursdays, at 2 pm, EST/11 am PST 
February 4–March 25, 2021
Registration Status: OPEN
Class size limited to 8 students
Tour Cost: $120 for series of 8
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En ces temps COVID vous devez le faire !

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This French conversational series will be the second in our language series. For those who are thinking about going to Belgium on Sevan's Art History trip, the Northern Soul, in April 2022, or to Arles on Eli Cedrone's painting trip, Plein Air en France, in mid-May 0f 2022, or to the Loire Valley Chamber Music Trip at the end of May 2022, this armchair journey will prepare you to understand the French people and culture and to brush up on your perhaps rusty old French.

Sheyda describes her teaching style and requirements:

  • Some knowledge of French is a must...although at various levels.

  • I stay away from grammar unless necessary.

  • I encourage my students to repeat and memorize as much as possible.

  • I discourage translating from English.

  • I work on the pronunciation.

  • I do not give any homework.

  • I usually work with Word documents (I will share my screen on ZOOM), which I prepare in advance or create during class. I then email the students who were in attendance. This way they don't get distracted by taking notes (unless they choose to).

  • I create a comfortable and non-judgmental, non-competitive environment where everyone feels at ease." (Editor's note: Sheyda has a great laugh.)

  • And by the end of the series, you'll at least be able to read road signs in France without a hitch: It's a matter of figuring out how to get out of the traffic circle.


Each class will last approximately 1 hour. There will be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 students in the class so that everyone has a chance to practice listening, speaking, and understanding.



Sheyda Eversley

My name is Sheyda (its origin is Farsi, and it means Mad with Love). I live in New Paltz, NY, 90 miles north of New York City. My first trip was at the age of 3, from Toronto, Canada, where I was born, to Istanbul, Turkey, my parents' birthplace, where I lived until I got married at 22. I eventually settled in the USA. 


Growing up in Istanbul, I was introduced to several languages, more by necessity than choice. By age 10, I was fluent in Turkish, Armenian, and French but spoke little English. My biggest wish was to join the Aviation Industry, but I needed to improve my English. So I came to the USA and stayed with an American host family for four months, watching lots of television and practicing English daily.

My professional life of almost 40 years with two International Airlines helped me see the benefits of language while interacting with the traveling public from all over the world.

French has always been my favorite language, and I am always eager to help others feel empowered by speaking it with confidence and pride, no matter the level. I presently teach French to two groups of students. The first is Conversational Learning, and the second is the Conversational Discussion. We have been together for 7 years. Language is like music. Listen to it!! If it sounds good, it must be right!!!!!

Joan Hill
Owner, Host, & Director

Years ago, it was suggested to Joan that she might offer an art program, and she jumped at the chance of a lifetime. Bringing together all of her life's passions, the development and administration of Artful Journeys is an exhilarating process for Joan.


Joan was born and raised in the apple country of the Hudson River Valley in New York; her father was a gentle, very tolerant, educated land surveyor, and her mother was the efficient business administrator and home engineer. The youngest of four children, Joan was encouraged to pursue anything she wanted, but also to do her best. Sometimes that was very difficult, especially succeeding three very accomplished siblings.


  • $120 for the series of 8 online classes

  • PayPal is preferred; however, we do take checks   

  • A Zoom link will be provided by email within 24 hours of each meeting

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To register for a session or the series, please click below:

A Zoom link will be provided by email within 24 hours of each meeting.

For details or questions, please click here to contact Joan Hill.
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