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Attention: Creativity Comes Calling

Painters, Performers, Photographers, Poets and Potters Composers and Cooks Dancers and Designers Fairy Tale Transcribers and Writers Translators and Inventors How different and how similar are the work and process of these professionals? To explore this issue (which really has been bugging me, but in a good way), we will ask people who are well steeped in their work and find out answers to questions such as:

· · What inspires you?

· · How do you get inspired? · · Does an idea burst forth or is it cultivated? · · What is the idea based on? · · From an idea, what's your process? · Is there a need for the result? · Or do you need to get the creation out of you? · · How are your senses involved? · · Were you always creative? · · Is there a specific time of day when you're more creative? · · Do you have a structure to your creativity or does it appear free- form? · · What's your work environment to make your creation? · · In what emotional state do you create? Elena Ruehr, Jack Zipes, Rebecca Wilkin, Phil and David Ying, Liza Greifinger, Vilma Noga, Larry Hill and Sevan Melikyan are just a few of the professionals Joe will interview for this series. The 12-part series begins September 21 at 11:00 am eastern.

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