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Music in the Loire Valley

A Journey through photos:

We stayed at the beautiful Château de Noirieux right by the river Loire fully equipped with a pool, a beautiful dining room, a historical keyboard and a beautiful field with grazing lambs:

And others stayed in the Château des Briottières, a privately owned 18th century property where we were treated to fabulous sunsets, wonderful company, gorgeous sweeping views and grounds with amazing surprises around every corner.

We were also treated to high quality food and wine every day in beautiful settings:

Since it was May, all of the flowers were in full bloom; a treat not only for the eyes, but the nose too!

Not only was the trip a treat for our senses of smell and taste, but it was also a treat for the ears! We were amazed daily by the music provided for us by the musicians on the trip:

We also went on a few excursions to nearby cities and castles such as the museum in Angers where we saw the Apocalypse tapestry, and to Samur where we dined in a troglodyte cave.

We indulged our senses but also had enough time to appreciate the natural beauty surrounding us, mainly the river Loire. There were paths that afforded long walks and views of steam rising from the river in the morning, and friendly French horses.

Last but not least, the trip was made amazing by the people who shared in it:

Thanks to our fearless leader, Joan:

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