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COVID in the EU

Many of you are probably enjoying the wonderful summer weather outside and the increased possibilities for outside socialization with a vaccine! On Cape Cod especially, we see the beaches and highways filling up with visitors. You may be planning on attending a few outdoor events this summer. But, what will you be doing next year? As travel opens up and we can again see more planes flying over us filled with vaccinated travelers, you may be wondering, when will I fly again? Maybe it is a question simply of taking the time to plan your next vacation, or maybe that thought sparks fear and uncertainty about the future. We here at Artful Journeys find ourselves in the second category. Currently in the EU there are mandatory quarantines still in place for vaccinated travelers in many countries and non-essential travel to the EU from the USA is currently under review. While this may seem dismal for any 2021 summer plans, this phased reopening could be a good sign for traveling in the upcoming year.

As of a few days ago, France is letting US citizens through their borders, with different rules for vaccinated and unvaccinated passengers. Vaccinated passengers who have had a negative COVID test before traveling can now enter without quarantining for tourism purposes!

Currently in Italy, travelers despite vaccination status can enter the country, but they have to quarantine for 10 days. However, Italy has instigated special "COVID-tested flights" where passengers take COVID tests before and after the flight in order to bypass the mandatory quarantine.

Many airlines have increased flexibility with their bookings to give passengers peace of mind in this period when plans can be changed at any time. In my experience, I booked a flight and cancelled on the day I was meant to leave, and then flew two weeks later, all at the original cost of the ticket. This interactive map is very helpful to see what the restrictions are like in any country for travel from the USA. The rule put into effect on January 26th still stands, passengers must provide proof of a negative COVID test taken 3 days before their departure flight returning to the USA despite vaccination status.

All this to say, travel restrictions and guidance are in constant flux. After a year of uncertainty, it may be very difficult to commit to any kind of travel plans. However, the news is good for vaccinated travelers! By this time next year, we should be able to browse the museums in Belgium, attend the opera in Austria, or experience a wine tasting in France. We are here for you to help navigate this exciting but challenging moment. Please reach out with any travel questions or worries and we are more than happy to discuss. In the meantime, take a look at the trips we have planned for 2022. We are constantly monitoring the state of travel, and have made informed decisions based on international guidance. We look forward to having some of you with us for some newly energized, newly exciting European travel!

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