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Poetry That Improves Your Health!

Poetry Enlightens Your Brain and Your Life. Science shows that reciting poems can improve your physical and mental well-being.

Sunrise with tree and water. Blue sky with pink
Photo by Bob Summersgill

Have you heard that our brain reacts to poetry the same way that they react to music? Neither have I, but after some research, I am about to enlighten you on how poetry can enhance your memory and perhaps ease the tedium of lockdown.

For some who may not know, music is known to trigger activity in our brain's emotional centers, which produces an extensive emotional response from us. A study has now revealed that poetry also induces similar responses, even strengthening our cognitive health. Through studies of people with dementia in nursing homes, students from the University of Nottingham were able to help some people gain back some of their memories by reading poems aloud to them. The theory is the regular rhythm and rhymes of poems are enjoyable to listen to and stimulating to the brain, making it a useful tool in promoting physical and mental well-being.

As someone with a memory like a goldfish, I am going to start reading more poetry books and report back to see if my memory has improved! What do you think about using poetry to improve your memory? Would you have any poetry book recommendations for me?

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Written by

Allyshia Tran, Artful Journeys Virtual Intern

Allyshia is an Aussie born, aspiring Public Relations Student who is completing her final year of study while interning for Artful Journeys. With music, art, and beauty being some of her passions, Allyshia thoroughly enjoys singing, writing, and visiting Australian museums and art galleries (when a global pandemic hadn’t taken over our lives) whenever she isn’t swamped with school assignments. She sincerely hopes you enjoy her upcoming blogs, and please leave comments in reply to them!

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