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Updated: Jun 2, 2021

COVID-19 may have some people feeling down and apart from one another, but Artful Journeys has participants with their pens, pencils and paint brushes up, ready to learn and connect. Many people are artists, whether they considered themselves as such, have been participating in Artful Journeys’ classes since the pandemic began. Some participants enjoy poetry, fairytales, painting, art history and myriad music armchair journeys. Although they may not be as fantastic as actual travel, several students have remarked it has been a pure pleasure participating in these ventures.

In poetry, or the “Live Poet’s Society,” the poets compose their own work of art, once a month, on a topic of his or her choice. For other weeks, participants submit favorite poems from a selected poet or topic. Writing also took place in the Fairytales class, where each member discovered his or her own talent for writing a fairytale! In the class “Art Medley,” students practice producing a masterpiece of their own, either using still models or creating collages.

No matter what the class, participants in Armchair Journeys’ Zooms have been able to reach inside themselves, to places they may have never known existed, and have dug out beautiful pieces of art. These students are lifelong learners, proving you can learn and explore at any age, with any experience.

Written by Amanda Nicacio

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