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Yearning to Travel?

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Armchair Journeys: Travel to far-away places right from your favorite armchair!

If you find yourself yearning to travel, you’re not alone. It feels like the whole world is staying at home, and you are smart to be doing the same. We started the Armchair Journeys lecture program in response to the stay-at-home movement, and it is our goal to give our friends and travel companions a little reminder of the great experiences we have while traveling. While we can’t replicate the feeling of walking down ancient streets or the smell of local cuisine (although we do have a great catalog of recipes shared by Chef Liza Greifinger that can get you pretty close), we do offer a virtual tour of some of the most interesting travel destinations in Europe led by some of the same instructors that accompany us on our in-person trips.

World famous pianist, Jon Nakamatsu on the piano
Jon Nakamatsu

Our Armchair Journeys vary, covering famous museums, art by specific artists or by region, music and the composers behind it, lessons on yoga and travel photos, and more! We’re always starting new journeys, and we love to see old friends and new. Why not take a look at our current “departing” trips and join us for a session? We can’t wait to travel with you!

What are people saying about Armchair Journeys?

“Excellent. Well taught, informative. Wonderful storytelling.” -Bob Greifinger

“Wonderful from start to finish. A blessing during our sequestration. And the followup links added to the delight.” -Alice Kelley

“These have been wonderful!!! I so look forward to 11 a.m. on Tuesdays. Thank you, thank you!” -Deborah Mahaney


Written by

Joan Hill, Artful Journeys Director and

Carla Bohnett, Artful Journeys Co-Director

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