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Vienna: The Capital of Nineteenth-Century Classical Music

Vienna has been given the moniker ‘The City of Music.’ But what contributed to Vienna’s grand title?

During the 18th and 19th centuries, also known as the ‘Viennese Classical Period,’ Vienna’s music and art culture grew partly due to their aristocratic court culture. While the city’s educated audience had minor contributions to Vienna’s musical legacy, it was mostly thanks to the highly esteemed artists that lived and worked in the city throughout the 19th century.

The music industry experienced a boom, with a surge in opera houses, crafters of instruments, and sheet music publishing houses flourishing, making Vienna the perfect place to produce music. This made Vienna the destination for composers to visit and live in while creating their remarkable art.

Vienna quickly became the city with the most famous composers living in it compared to any other city in the world. Amidst the many great artists, Mozart was one of Vienna’s most influential residents during the classical era. The music prodigy spent a considerable time composing some of his most well-known pieces in Austria’s capital.

Aside from Mozart, an extensive list of composers contributed to giving Vienna the reputation as ‘The City of Music’, including Strauss, Beethoven, Haydn, and Berg; who all spent some of their lives in the city.

Today you’ll be able to admire some of these classical music giants. They have been honored for bringing Vienna notoriety, and as a result, it has become the capital of classical music. You can visit their monuments, museums, and parks across the city, which are in tribute to their contributions.


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Written by

Allyshia Tran, Artful Journeys Virtual Intern

Allyshia is an Aussie born, aspiring Public Relations Student who is completing her final year of study while interning for Artful Journeys. With music, art, and beauty being some of her passions, Allyshia thoroughly enjoys singing, writing, and visiting Australian museums and art galleries (when a global pandemic hadn’t taken over our lives) whenever she isn’t swamped with school assignments. She sincerely hopes you enjoy her upcoming blogs, and please leave comments in reply to them!

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